Listen to Gail & Chris discuss mortgage notes and how you can earn income while helping distressed borrowers stay in their homes.

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GDNI 107 | Note Investing In Florida

The Florida Note Investing Scene With Jamie Bateman And Erin Quinn

  There are plenty of stories about investors having difficulty with note investing in Florida, but you'll see that there's plenty to look forward to there. Florida is a diverse

GDNI 104 | Converting A CFD

Getting The Right Education And Field Lessons In Note Investing With Joe Kennedy

  Knowledge and personal experience are crucial in all aspects of life. In note investing, the right education and field lessons are what make any investor successful. Today, Chris Seveney

GDNI 105 | Real Estate Notes

Notes And Real Estate Stories With Deepta Hiremath

  How do you deal with clients and even contractors affiliated with your note investment business? In this episode, Chris Seveney talks to Deepta Hiremath, a fellow real estate investor

GDNI 104 | Converting A CFD

Converting A CFD With Russ O’Donnell

  Are you considering converting a CFD, or a contract for deed, into a note? Converting a CFD can be a long, tough, and arduous process because of the many

GDNI 103 | Joint Venture Agreements

The Language Of Joint Venture Agreements With Brian Gallagher

  Going into business with anyone, no matter how much you trust them, can be a tricky proposition with plenty to navigate, but there are certain legal ways of doing

GDNI 102 | Loan Boarding Process

Loan Closing And Boarding Process For Note Investors

Every note investor has been down the road of loan closing and boarding a few times. Needless to say, it's one of the things where we can’t find a lot

GDNI 101 | Understanding Partials

Understanding Partials And The Rules Of Its Game

Are you in need of immediate cash, but either can't fully let go of your note or can't seem to find someone who can take it in full? In today's

GDNI 100 | Collateral Review

How To Do A Collateral Review Of A Note

  Many of us just can't afford to make any mistakes here in the note space for the reason that it can be costly. While we can't be perfect in

GDNI 99 | Note Investing

How The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Affecting The World Of Note Investing

  The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably disrupted everyone in the world. Businesses are closing, social distancing has kept people shut inside their homes, and panic and fear have become more

GDNI 94 | Selling REO Notes

The Ins and Outs of Selling REO Notes

  Selling REO notes is becoming more and more noticed these days as a lot of people start to get involved. Chris Seveney flies solo in this episode to talk

GDNI 98 | Legal Advice During COVID-19

Legal Advice During This Changing Time Of The COVID-19 Pandemic With Franco Barile And Tracey Johnson-Kidd

  The COVID-19 Pandemic has disrupted almost every sector around the world, bringing with it sudden changes to processes and business models. The legal sector is no exemption to that.

GDNI 97 | Corona And Note Investments

Corona And Note Investments: How Investors Should Cope With Pandemic

  What is currently happening in the real estate market with this Coronavirus pandemic? What will happen months from now when this is all over? In this episode, Gail Anthony