Listen to Gail & Chris discuss mortgage notes and how you can earn income while helping distressed borrowers stay in their homes.

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GDNI 94 | Selling REO Notes

The Ins and Outs of Selling REO Notes

  Selling REO notes is becoming more and more noticed these days as a lot of people start to get involved. Chris Seveney flies solo in this episode to talk

GDNI 98 | Legal Advice During COVID-19

Legal Advice During This Changing Time Of The COVID-19 Pandemic With Franco Barile And Tracey Johnson-Kidd

  The COVID-19 Pandemic has disrupted almost every sector around the world, bringing with it sudden changes to processes and business models. The legal sector is no exemption to that.

GDNI 97 | Corona And Note Investments

Corona And Note Investments: How Investors Should Cope With Pandemic

  What is currently happening in the real estate market with this Coronavirus pandemic? What will happen months from now when this is all over? In this episode, Gail Anthony

GDNI 96 | Calculating Returns

The Importance Of Calculating Returns

  One of the most important fundamental concepts in real estate investing is calculating your potential returns and using those numbers to determine whether or not a certain asset is

GDNI 95 | Filing For Bankruptcy

What To Do When You’re Filing For Bankruptcy With Tony Sottile

  While no one likes to admit failure or defeat in business, filing for bankruptcy is something you have to be prepared to do in case something goes wrong. Filing

GDNI 92 | Coping With Discouragement

Coping With Discouragement And Failure In The Shifting World Of Note Investing

  Surviving against the tides of constantly changing and shifting industry will have you coping with discouragement on a regular basis. The way you cope with discouragement will, of course,

GDNI 93 | Dealing With Problems

Creative Problem-Solving As A Note Investor

  In note investing, there are good days, bad days, and amazing days where borrowers are able to pay off their loans and your investment was worth it. Dealing with

GDNI 91 | Notes Predictions For 2020

Top Five Notes Predictions For 2020

  2020 is right around the corner. Flying solo in this episode, Chris Seveney gives us his top five predictions for 2020 in the notes industry. While the market can

GDNI 90 | Protecting Your Investments

How To Protect Your Investment

  Protecting your investments doesn't have to be some labyrinthine process that's a headache to navigate. You can make sure the notes and the properties that you pour your precious

GDNI 89 | Deed Transfer Process

On Notes And Deed Transfer Process

  Note investing can be a lucrative investment while also helping homeowners with their loan. Transfer of deeds has different policies and requirements depending on the location or country you

GDNI 88 | Asset Bidding Mistakes

Five Mistakes You’re Making When Bidding On Assets

  There's a genuine thrill to bidding on and acquiring assets, sinking money into what could be huge investments. As an investment neophyte, how do you protect yourself from mistakes

GDNI 87 | Investing In Non-Performing Seconds

Why Invest In Second Position Mortgage Notes With Bill McCafferty

  Investing in non-performing seconds can be quite risky. For Bill McCafferty, the founder of People's Mortgage Relief II, doing so is well worth the risk. Being involved in note