Listen to Gail & Chris discuss mortgage notes and how you can earn income while helping distressed borrowers stay in their homes.

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GDNI 80 | Dealing Performing Notes

The Note Investing Journey: Taking On Performing Notes with Bill Griesmer

  Becoming a note investor is undeniably a hero’s journey. We go out there and dare to do great things. One who has a great story to tell about his

GDNI 79 | Working With Your Borrower

Working With Your Borrower

  Hard times befall anyone, including your borrowers. As the property owner, would you work against your borrower or with your borrower? Gail Anthony Greenberg and Chris Seveney put a touch of humanity to

GDNI 78 | Ideal Real Estate Note

Open Mic Night: What Is Your Ideal Note?

  What is an ideal note? This is one of the many questions Chris Seveney & Gail Anthony Greenberg answers in today’s show. They describe their note preferences, typically those

GDNI 77 | Note Investing Perfect Deals

Why You Should Not Wait For The Perfect Deal

  What are your criteria for note investing? Dealing with the right property takes enough understanding of what makes a company worth it or not. Chris Seveney and Gail Anthony

GDNI 76 | Partial Of A Note

The Advantages Of Selling Partial Of A Note

  What are partials? In this episode, Chris Seveney gives the answer and walks us through some reasons why should you use it to your advantage. He reminds everyone who

GDNI 75 | Joint Venturing

On Joint Venturing, Sinkholes, And Serial Bankruptcy

  It’s exciting to think about making it big in the real estate space. Unfortunately, in this industry, you don't make money on every deal. In this episode, Chris Seveney

GDNI 74 | JVs And Note Pools

Open Mic Night: Raising Money, JVs, And Buying Note Pools

  We all have our origin stories, and in this open mic night episode, Gail Anthony Greenberg and Chris Seveney reminisce how they both started in their real estate investment

GDNI 73 | Growing Pool Of Assets

Open Mic Night: How To Grow Your Pool Of Assets

  Growing your capital and acquiring more assets takes more than just knowledge; it also takes guts. On this Open Mic Night episode, Gail Anthony Greenberg and Christopher Seveney discuss

GDNI 72 | How To Survive Recession

Open Mic Night: How Note Investors Can Survive Recession

  Many people, specifically homeowners and real estate investors, have been left traumatized by the recent recession. Chris Seveney and Gail Anthony Greenberg talk about what happens if we get

GDNI 71 | Understanding Indicative Bidding

Understanding Indicative Bidding

  Gail Anthony Greenberg and Chris Seveney take us into the process of a seller’s mindset, particularly that of understanding indicative bidding. With indicative bids, many people have so many

GDNI 70 | Note Investing Bankruptcy

Tony Sottile: The Note Investors’ Guide To Understanding Bankruptcy

  Bankruptcy is too often a word that gets thrown around easily. Unfortunately, when you become a main player in this case, then getting your way out of and around

GDNI 69 | Note Investing Attorney

Do You Need An Attorney Or Not? When To Use One In Note Investing

  The real estate business can be tricky. That is why, for some, it helps to be backed by a team of experts who can guide you in certain aspects