About Us


Gail has broad real estate experience having flipped houses, invested in large multi-family properties and bought and managed student housing properties at Philadelphia’s Temple University for out-of-state investors. With all these experiences, Gail understands the pros and cons of various real estate strategies for the passive investor. She’s also good at explaining your options in getting your IRA set up for real estate investing.​

Before becoming a fulltime real estate investor, Gail worked as a journalist and marketing professional. She’s had a thrilling career that started with getting the scoop interviewing the “Amityville Horror” family, and included writing a book that “Spider Man” director Sam Raimi. called “fun, refreshing, insightful and original.”

Gail has a passion for dogs, all other animals, travel, adventure and growing wealth for investors and herself. Her goal is to be a philanthropist and she loves that the note business is already letting her help and give to others.


Chris is a Construction & Real Estate Executive who has managed over $750M of commercial real estate development since 1997 throughout the Northeast & Mid Atlantic. He is currently a Director of Construction for a large Washington, D.C. based developer.

Chris’ extensive experience, leadership, project management skills and financial management acumen uniquely qualifies him to manage the notes he acquires to produce an optimal outcome for himself and his investor partners.


Gail and Chris currently manage real estate and note portfolios valued at over $5 million.