These photos are actual deals in our portfolio or that we have worked to an outcome. Mouseover each to see where the house is, the Unpaid Balance (UPB) of the loan on the house and the monthly Principal & Interest (PI) payment. The PI is the gross amount we get each month when the loan is performing.

GDNI 2 | Self-Directed IRA
GDNI 3 | Note Investing
GDNI 06 | Anatomy Of A Deal
GDNI 04 | Non Performing Asset
GDNI 5 | Note Investor
GDNI 7 | Big Growth Week
GDNI 9 | Buying Assets
GDNI 10 | Business Planning
GDNI 11 | Facebook Fantasies
GDNI 13 | Bidding On Assets

Invest With Us!

If you are interested in diversifying into notes, there are a few ways that we can work together. Please contact us and tell us a little about your goals.  Then we can schedule a call to talk more in depth and answer all your questions.