At Good Deeds Note Investing Podcast, we are passionate about with two things, building wealth and helping others. Hosts Chris Seveney and Gail Anthony Greenberg are very successful investors in non-performing mortgage notes, that is, home loans that people have stopped paying.

When real estate crashed in 2008, banks got bailed out but regular folks did not. Now we can all help each other, one person to another. Notes give everyone who’s thought about getting into real estate a simple way to get wealthy without the big money or the hassle of flipping a house or becoming a landlord.

Can you think of a better, more socially responsible way to invest your money? Tune in to learn all about this fun, fascinating, and lucrative business that features the huge bonus of helping distressed homeowners stay in their homes.



For a distressed homeowner, going into a foreclosure can be a costly process in terms of money, credit ratings and public image. A deed in lieu of foreclosure is a viable option for these mortgagors, which also gives advantages to the lender as well. This deed instrument is especially useful in states where redemption periods are long and foreclosure costs are high. As a lender, however, there might be a few things to consider if
When we think of investing, we immediately think of housing properties, businesses, and the likes. But as with the great thing about being in this space, the sky is the limit when it comes to finding what to invest in. One of those is farmland, and in this episode, Chris Seveney interviews David Chan from FarmTogether to share with us this interesting investment concept that rarely gets talked about. He discusses why farmland is arguably the best asset class
Along the way, in our investing journey, there will come a time where we will hit a wall and feel like we can’t move forward anymore. Good thing that we are not alone with this feeling. We can always look up to other investors who have gone through similar paths and learn from them. Dedicating this episode to those investors who needed that guidance and push to continue on in their journey, Chris Seveney takes
GDNI 110 | Investing While Working Full-Time
In this hustle economy, it is not new to find investors getting into the note business who also maintain their full-time jobs. As such, scaling their note investing business is considerably trickier for these busy professionals. In this episode, Chris Seveney brings over Mike Vann to the show to discuss the ways you can scale a business while also working full-time. Mike is the co-founder of Trident Multifamily, a company that helps busy professionals create and preserve wealth
  Many of us get into real estate investing, thinking of it as a path to financial freedom. However, for those of us who are still working from nine to five, it can be quite difficult to embark on this path fully. How, then, can we grow our investing business and finally leave our full-time jobs? For Michael Zuber, the answer is through rental properties. In this episode, Chris Seveney invites him to share how he

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