At Good Deeds Note Investing Podcast, we are passionate about with two things, building wealth and helping others. Hosts Chris Seveney and Gail Anthony Greenberg are very successful investors in non-performing mortgage notes, that is, home loans that people have stopped paying.

When real estate crashed in 2008, banks got bailed out but regular folks did not. Now we can all help each other, one person to another. Notes give everyone who’s thought about getting into real estate a simple way to get wealthy without the big money or the hassle of flipping a house or becoming a landlord.

Can you think of a better, more socially responsible way to invest your money? Tune in to learn all about this fun, fascinating, and lucrative business that features the huge bonus of helping distressed homeowners stay in their homes.



GDNI 63 | Creating A Balance Sheet
Creating a balance sheet could be intimidating especially if you don’t know anything about managing books. Debbie Mullins, the bookkeeper to the stars of note investing, explains the basic concept of bookkeeping. She shows us how to create a simple balance sheet and shares the benefits of doing your own books. She also gives her insights on the most common bookkeeping issues, and reveals the key information in your balance sheet that could have the
GDNI 62 | Non Responsive Borrowers
  The relationship between lender and borrower can sometimes become complicated especially when the latter forgets his or her dues. Gail Anthony Greenberg and Chris Seveney with guest host Jake Greenberg talks about the different kinds of non-responsive borrowers, those who have stopped paying for months since the initial payment. As they share a situation with a client who hasn’t been paying his dues to them, they also give advice on being careful that you’re
GDNI 61 | Using Note Calculator
  Some prefer using note calculators, while others don’t for a variety of reasons. In this episode, Gail Greenberg and Chris Seveney talk about note calculators and when it is ideal and not ideal to use them. As they touch on its functions when it comes to confirming bids, getting that discount on performing notes, and more, they also lay down the kinds of risks involved when reaching for a note calculator. In this episode,
GDNI 60 | Real Estate Paperwork Issues
  It is hard to get away with paperwork issues when it comes to real estate contracts and documents. Patty Ped calls in to talk about a special property she has in a little place in the upper peninsula of Michigan called Mancelona and all the paperwork problems she has with the property. Chris Seveney and Gail Greenberg answer Patty’s questions regarding the assignment of land contract wherein a lot of them are missing the
  Taking on a new topic that has been gaining popularity, hosts Gail Anthony Greenberg and Chris Seveney talk about originating notes. They share their own stories of creating notes and offer golden nuggets about the three important things to focus on in the process. Covering the basics for those who are not familiar with originating notes, Gail and Chris break down what it means and what documents are needed in the process work. They