At Good Deeds Note Investing Podcast, we are passionate about with two things, building wealth and helping others. Hosts Chris Seveney and Gail Anthony Greenberg are very successful investors in non-performing mortgage notes, that is, home loans that people have stopped paying.

When real estate crashed in 2008, banks got bailed out but regular folks did not. Now we can all help each other, one person to another. Notes give everyone who’s thought about getting into real estate a simple way to get wealthy without the big money or the hassle of flipping a house or becoming a landlord.

Can you think of a better, more socially responsible way to invest your money? Tune in to learn all about this fun, fascinating, and lucrative business that features the huge bonus of helping distressed homeowners stay in their homes.



GDNI 107 | Note Investing In Florida
  There are plenty of stories about investors having difficulty with note investing in Florida, but you’ll see that there’s plenty to look forward to there. Florida is a diverse environment that deserves at least a second glance because there’s so much value to be found, especially if you’re looking in the right places. Going solo, Chris Seveney is joined by Jamie Bateman, a Managing Member at Labrador Lending, LLC, and Erin Quinn, a Partner
GDNI 104 | Converting A CFD
  Knowledge and personal experience are crucial in all aspects of life. In note investing, the right education and field lessons are what make any investor successful. Today, Chris Seveney interviews Joe Kennedy from The Flying Moose, LLC. From flying planes to investing in notes and real estate, Joe talks about the excitement and challenges he went through to get to where he is right now. He shares some stories about borrower encounters and how he managed them
GDNI 105 | Real Estate Notes
  How do you deal with clients and even contractors affiliated with your note investment business? In this episode, Chris Seveney talks to Deepta Hiremath, a fellow real estate investor and note buyer. Chris and Deepta talk about notes and other real estate in general, tackling factors that one should look for when buying notes, including working with the right contractor and attorney. They share experiences working with borrowers and how they screen them, as
GDNI 104 | Converting A CFD
  Are you considering converting a CFD, or a contract for deed, into a note? Converting a CFD can be a long, tough, and arduous process because of the many regulations in place – depending on where you are – but if you know the direction to go in, the process definitely isn’t as daunting. Russ O’Donnell is the Founder and CEO of Call the Underwriter. Joining Chris Seveney, Russ discusses the process and nuances of
GDNI 103 | Joint Venture Agreements
  Going into business with anyone, no matter how much you trust them, can be a tricky proposition with plenty to navigate, but there are certain legal ways of doing things that will put both you and your partner on equal footing. Joint Venture Agreements are bread-and-butter contracts for people in the field of real estate law, but many people still try to enter these agreements without any sort of guidance. Today, Chris Seveney is

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