At Good Deeds Note Investing Podcast, we are passionate about with two things, building wealth and helping others. Hosts Chris Seveney and Gail Anthony Greenberg are very successful investors in non-performing mortgage notes, that is, home loans that people have stopped paying.

When real estate crashed in 2008, banks got bailed out but regular folks did not. Now we can all help each other, one person to another. Notes give everyone who’s thought about getting into real estate a simple way to get wealthy without the big money or the hassle of flipping a house or becoming a landlord.

Can you think of a better, more socially responsible way to invest your money? Tune in to learn all about this fun, fascinating, and lucrative business that features the huge bonus of helping distressed homeowners stay in their homes.



GDNI 48 | Home Inspection Red Flags
  When you are making a note investment, it is best to have a thorough home inspection on the tape. Chris and Gail continue the conversation and focus on some home inspection red flags to be wary about a tape that you acquired. As we touch on the advantages of hiring a third-party and independent home inspector, learn why it is crucial to oversee a portfolio of real estate and manage construction projects sometimes. On
GDNI 47 | Buying And Reselling Tapes
  It’s very easy to look at a big tape and see big ROI numbers and think, “This one is great. We should do this.” However, when you look at a big tape or any tape for that matter, you should always evaluate from the standpoint of things like how beneficial is it to buy a particular asset? How many payments are there? What makes it a great deal for a JV? Chris and Gail
GDNI 46 | Change In Note Business
  There are sweeping changes in the note business nowadays that investors should be aware of. Today, Chris and Gail break down some of the shifts they witness in the real estate note business. They go in-depth with the deadlines and demanding paperwork from FCI, the consensus favorite for IRAs with Quest Trust Company, and checkbook IRAs. Find out how long it takes to have reports such as a two-owner in your doorstep and the
GDNI 45 | Real Estate Rehab
  One of the ways to make a profit in real estate is to do rehabs. A real estate rehab is done when an investor acquires a property then sells it to make a profit. Chris and Gail talk about their experiences doing rehabs and let us in on what we can learn during the process – doing cross-country, dealing with contractors in renovation, and dealing with potential buyers. They also state some of the
GDNI 44 | Selling Notes And Assets
  Selling notes and assets can be a tedious task. There are steps that need to be done when selling a note, REO, or CFD. This includes shutting down the insurance as soon as possible. It is also necessary to have utilities changed into the new owner’s name and that instructions are clearly delivered to from the sellers. Chris and Gail discuss the paperwork one has to deal with when selling notes and assets with