Gail and Chris share details and specifics about non-performing notes they are currently working on.
They share the good and bad nothing hidden.
Unlike other podcast in the notes space which might be so popular and pump you up with motivation but if you get down to it their content is really fluff and puff.
If you want real time meat and potatoes in the note business… If you want really actionable content then this podcast is the best hands down!

No other notes business podcasts comes close!

Chris and Gail do an excellent job of telling it like it really is from the point of view of a note investor. They highlight the good, bad, and ugly, while bringing in experts from across the note-investing industry.

Their own case studies and stories filled with real-life drama and practical tips from lessons they have learned along the way are sure to keep you coming back for more. Highly recommend!

Informative and Genuine

Most podcasts are by people that are into training and educating. Gail & Chris are actual note investors sharing their ups and downs as being regular people. If you want to learn about note investing from a couple of regular folks, then this podcast is for you.

Regular People investing in notes

This is my favorite new podcast. I’ve been listening for about 2 months. I got interested in note investing earlier this year. I’ve attended a couple classes and bought my first note last month. I find the advice so valuable and useful! It’s been such a great resource. I take notes from each podcast. Thank u Gail and Chris for putting out such helpful info!

Fantastic podcast

I learn something new in every episode. Gail and Chris combine a great mix of their own experiences along with the tools, techniques and processes they use in their businesses. great resource any level of note investor

Value in every episode

Chris and Gail do a fantastic job discussing the challenges they and other note investors face. They give the good, the bad, and the ugly. Very informative, and extremely helpful to someone that’s new in the space like myself! I have picked up so much valuable information by listening to their podcast, and open mic night!

Excellent Note Podcast!

Chris and Gail are active note investors who share their real life experiences of buying and selling notes. They discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of actual transactions in the world of notes. Practical and valuable information!

REAL Infornation

Chris and Gail bring content that benefits all note investors. I learn things on every episode, and their practical, down to earth manner is really appreciated. I highly recommend this podcast!!!

Awesome content!

I like many things about the Good Deeds Note Investing Podcast, but perhaps what I like the most is that Chris and Gail aren’t afraid to tell the “whole truth” about what goes on in this unpredictable investing niche. Good days are intertwined with days that make you want to pull all your hair out! Chris and Gail are willing to lay it all out there and then tell you how they keep sane … most of the time. Great podcast. Sincere hosts. Love it!

True-Life Ups and Downs of Note Investing

Get access to and hear details from investors who are in the trenches doing deals. Chris and Gail are the real deal. Check them out!

The best note podcast going!

This is the best podcast for real-life, normal people trying to get ahead by note investing.
I’ts not all “rah-rah” and doesn’t try to sell you a mentoring package.

It’s just great information and experiences from smart and entertaining people. I sincerely love this podcast.

Inspiring and informative!

By far, one of the best podcasts around for practical, real, no fluff info on the ins and outs of running a noted business. Chris & Gail provide timely, relevant information for people serious about learning the details of the business. Fantastic guests, too!

Top Notch Note Podcast

Unlike other podcasts that emphasize how many episodes they have and do little more than chat with their buddies, Chris & Gail concentrate on helping note buyers and answering questions.

Usable information for note investors

Highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn about notes or just keep informed on what’s going on in note space. Chris and Gail are a pleasure to listen to !

Awesome content and always current topics

Thanks for contributing to the note community with usable tips with real world experience.

Good honest and real useable tips for note investing

It is great to get an education on the note industry while also being entertained. The stories are informative about deals and that is how I learn best. At the same time most of the time the stories have a bit of humor that even makes it that much better.

The topics of choice have all been ones worth downloading. Take it for a spin, you’re going to love it.

Great conversations & entertaining

Thank you to Gale and Chris for putting this podcast together, I can wait to get into the business and use all these great tools from the podcast. Already used one on my iPhone, that space bar tip will save a load of frustration.

Just what is needed, real world examples

The podcast episodes are full of practical advise from active note investors. The listeners get to hear all the good and bad of investing in notes. Every episode makes me a more sophisticated investor. I recommend the podcasts to anyone I meet interested in notes!

Great Information!

This podcast is awesome, it doesn’t try to sell you anything, it’s just two people bringing you on their note investing journey, sharing the ups and downs to this aspect of investing. Definitely recommend for anyone that wants to learn about note investing.

Excellent Podcast

Chris and Gail are highly respected in the note space. They not only share the good, bad and ugly of this unique type of real estate investing; they share the golden nuggets of the day to day workings of buying, selling, rehabbing homes and borrowers. The guests they feature are some tried and true vendors. Our go to podcast for ongoing support and inspiration.

Dynamic Duo

Chris and Gail are a great team, very informative, they give you the good and not so good about note investing. If you’re looking to investing in notes this is defiantly the place to start your journey.

Top notch team

One of the best real estate investment podcasts I’ve heard. Love hearing real world investing tips and experiences. Keep up the great work guys. Love watching and listening to you guys grow.

Awesome podcast!!

Chris and Gail provide top-notch content. They are two “normal” people telling their note investing stories, the good, the bad and the ugly. This is a must listen for anyone who is interested in mortgage note investing.

Top-notch content